Colposcopic case study by TSCCP
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advanced course 2017

Technology & Science of Cervical Cancer Prevention

May 18-19, 2017, Asia Hotel, Bangkok

-Cervical cancer screening

-The Best Triage Options for HPV+ Women

-Roche for Advanced colposcopy 2017

Is it time to use primary HPV testing for cervical cancer screening in Thailand?

- The most recent data of HPV & cytology screening in Thailand: NCI experience

- WHO & ASCO 2016 guidelines for cervical cancer screening

- Optimal Cervical Cancer Screening in Women Receiving HPV

- Is it the time to use primary HPV

- Interactive_glandular lesion

- Future trends of cervical cancer screening

- Q&A: Which HPV test is suitable for my patients?

- How to avoid unnecessary LEEP

- therapytic HPV vaccine

- VIN: Challenges in diagnosis & management


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